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Tea Light Dispenser With Logo Hand Decorated, plain or Decoupaged

Tea Light Dispenser With Logo Hand Decorated, plain or Decoupaged

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Tea Light Dispensers

Tea-Light Dispenser with Scent-Sational Waxmelt Logo

Unique and Stylish Design

This Hand decorated Tea-Light Dispenser is not only functional but also beautiful, with several designs available. The tea light dispensers are made using the decoupage technique, making each dispenser unique and stunning. The PLA plastic composition makes this product renewable, eco-friendly, splashproof, and biodegradable, making it not only functional but also environmentally responsible.

Convenient and Easy to Use

This dispenser is easy to use, with a simple mechanism of taking a tea light from the bottom for use and replacing it with a new one at the top. The dispenser holds up to 13 small tea-light candles (2hr and 4hr), but please note that it does not hold the larger tea lights. The dispenser is light in weight and durable, making it the perfect storage solution for your tea lights. The height is 200mm and the width is 70mm, providing ample space for your tea-lights.

Easy to Clean

We advise using a damp cloth for cleaning and dryed thoroughly. This product is splashproof, making it easy to clean and maintain its appearance.

All items are designed and printed by Jules at Scent-sational-waxmelts

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