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Aftershave Wax Melts Collection

Aftershave Wax Melts Collection

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Aftershave Wax Melts Collection

Embody the essence of strength, vision, and success, the ideal traits for individuals who saviour a life well-lived with our Men’s Aftershave Wax Melt Collection. Consisting of 180 grams of our bestselling scents, encapsulating 4 different fragrances including Fahrenheit, Crede, Invictorius, and Tobacco & Vanilla. Beautifully crafted utilising cosmetic grade glitter and vibrant biodegradable soy wax, presented in luxurious packaging, these melts are highly scented and long-lasting.

  • Our selection boxes are a beautiful way to try out a range of gorgeous highly scented wax melts to fill your home with luxurious aromas

  • Enjoy a range of beautifully themed soy wax melts with 4 different fragrances including Fahrenheit, Crede, Invictorius, and Tobacco & Vanilla.

  • The perfect gift for a loved one, or even a fabulous treat for yourself

  • Men’s Aftershave Wax Melt Collection is a must-have to keep your home smelling brand new

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