What Can I Do with Leftover Wax Melts? Scent Sational Wax melts

What Can I Do with Leftover Wax Melts?

If you're a fan of wax melts and scented candles, you're not alone. The global wax melts market has been steadily growing, with millions of people enjoying these delightful fragrances in their homes. However, after using your scented wax melts for a while, you might find yourself with fragrance-free pieces of wax. The good news is that there are numerous creative and practical ways to repurpose and reuse leftover wax melts to avoid wastage and make the most of their lovely scents.

1. Reuse and Extend the Fragrance

Wax melts provide hours of fragrance, and you can reuse them multiple times until the scent dissipates. To do this, simply use a wax melter or warmer with a handy dish that allows you to collect and reuse the wax melts again and again.

2. Types of Wax Melts

Wax melts and candles are commonly made of paraffin, beeswax, or soy. When reusing them, it's best to group similar types of materials together for optimal results. Different methods exist to remove old candle wax, such as the melting method, freezing method, and boiling water method.

3. Make a New Candle

One of the most convenient ways to use leftover candle wax is to turn it into a new candle. Melt the wax and pour it into a glass jar or mug. Add a pre-tabbed wick, and let it set. This way, you'll have a brand-new aromatic candle.

4. DIY Wax Melts

You can create DIY wax melts by melting the leftover wax and pouring it into molds. Once the wax cools and hardens, you'll have new wax melts ready to be used in your wax warmer.

5. Fire Starters

Using leftover wax as fire starters is an excellent way to upcycle. Combine the wax with paper towels and other flammable items in muffin liners or kitchen towels. These homemade fire starters can be used for starting fires in your fireplace or while camping.

6. Enjoy the Scent

Even after the fragrance dissipates, the scentless wax can still be useful. You can use the unscented wax to create a pleasant ambiance in your home without burning it.

7. Seal Your Letters

If you enjoy the traditional charm of sealing letters, you can use melted wax as a sealant. Simply melt the wax, let it drip onto the envelope flap, and stamp it with a seal for a timeless touch.

8. Neutralize Bin Odors

Placing a small piece of fragrant wax melt in the bottom of your trash can help neutralize unpleasant odors and keep your home smelling fresh.

9. Make Homemade Tealights

Transform your leftover wax into homemade tealights by using tealight containers and wicks. These miniature candles can be used for various purposes around the house.

10. Decorate Glass

Create stunning decorative glass pieces by melting different colored wax melts and swirling them inside glass containers. Once the wax hardens, you'll have beautiful and unique glass decorations.

11. Create Wax Sachets

Fill fabric pouches with leftover wax shavings and tie them with a ribbon. Place these wax sachets in your drawers or closets to infuse your clothes with a delightful fragrance.

12. Freshen Up Carpets

Grate leftover wax melts and sprinkle the shavings on your carpets. Allow them to sit for a while, then vacuum the area to give your carpets a refreshing scent.

13. Make Aroma Stones

Mix melted wax with aromatic oils and pour the blend into silicone molds to create aroma stones. Place these stones around your home to release a pleasant fragrance.

14. Scented Oil Burner

Instead of using traditional oil burners, you can pour melted wax into the dish of the burner and enjoy the fragrance without burning a candle.

15. Crafty Art Projects

Get creative with your leftover wax by using it for various arts and crafts projects. You can make colorful wax crayons, scented candles in unique shapes, or even wax sculptures.

In conclusion, leftover wax melts can be transformed into useful and beautiful items, from new candles and fire starters to scented sachets and crafty projects. Don't let those fragrance-free wax pieces go to waste when you can repurpose them and continue enjoying their lovely scents in multiple ways.


1. Can I reuse wax melts? Yes, you can reuse wax melts multiple times until the fragrance dissipates. Warmed wax doesn't evaporate, only the scent slowly disappears.

2. How long does a wax melt last? On average, two or three wax melts provide about 6-8 hours of fragrance. Different brands may have slightly different burn times.

3. Can I mix different types of wax for crafting projects? While it's best to group similar types of wax together for new candles or melts, when using wax for crafting purposes, it's less critical.

4. Are wax melts environmentally friendly? Wax melts are generally considered more environmentally friendly than traditional candles because they don't produce soot or smoke.

5. Can I create scented gifts with leftover wax? Absolutely! You can use silicone molds to create scented wax melts in various shapes, making them ideal gifts for friends and family.

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