Starting a wax melt business the pros and cons

Starting a wax melt business the pros and cons

Should You Melt into the Wax Business?

If you’ve been thinking about diving into the wax melt business, you probably have a lot of questions. You may be wondering about the pros and cons of running your own wax melting business.
Have you been dreaming of starting your own wax melting business?
Are you curious about the pros and cons of the endeavor?
If so, you’ve come to the right place!
Starting a wax melt business can be both exciting and overwhelming. From wax types to shipping costs, there is a lot to consider before taking the plunge. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of starting a wax melt business.
To help you decide if this is the right business move for you, let’s take a closer look at some of the key points.

The Pros Of Starting a Wax Melt Business

The Pros are pretty great when it comes to making wax melts! For starters, you get to let your creativity shine as you create unique scents and designs that customers will love.
Plus, making candles can be fun and relaxing and with an ever-growing market for natural products, it is easy to find new customers who are looking for quality wax melts from independent makers like yourself.
Additionally, running your own business can be incredibly rewarding. You will have complete control over what products you make and how much money you want to charge for them. That means you can set prices that make sense for your business while still providing quality products that people will love!
Plus, if things go well, you may find yourself working from home in no time at all – which has its own set of advantages.
Wax melting is a great way to make extra money because it requires relatively minimal start-up costs. All you need are wax melts, containers, and basic supplies to get started. Plus, there's no need to rent an expensive store or workspace–you can work from home or even sell online!
That means that anyone can start their own wax melt business with minimal investment and overhead.
Additionally, running your own wax melt business gives you the flexibility to choose your own pricing structure and create unique scents that will appeal to your customers. Plus, since most people love candles and other scented products, this type of business is usually quite profitable.
Finally, it’s also a great way to network with other small businesses in your area and build relationships with customers who appreciate quality products.

The Cons Starting a Wax Melt Business

Though there are many benefits associated with setting up shop selling wax melts, there are also some drawbacks as well.
The first is cost; it can be expensive to buy supplies in bulk or in large quantities that allow you to keep up with customer demand.
Additionally, depending on where your customers are located, shipping costs may add up quickly – especially if those customers live out-of-state or abroad.
And then there’s the question of taxes; it is important to understand how taxes work in relation to your business (and pay them promptly!).
Finally, don’t forget about marketing; without getting the word out about your amazing products, no one will know they exist!

Starting a wax melt business isn’t for everyone 

But if it sounds like something that appeals to you, then don’t hesitate any longer! Weighing the pros and cons can help ensure that this endeavor ends up being successful instead of stressful.
With some research into supplies and taxes along with creative marketing tactics under your belt – not forgetting lots of practice (with plenty of room for mistakes!) – soon enough you could have an amazing candle-making empire on your hands! 
The biggest downside to starting a wax melt business is that it takes time and effort to get it up and running.
You’ll need to do market research on what types of scents are popular in your area, as well as figure out how much you should charge for each product.
Additionally, ordering supplies in bulk can be costly upfront but will save money over time – so it might be worth investing in larger quantities first before testing out smaller batches.
Also keep in mind that while selling online can generate more revenue than traditional retail stores do, there is still competition from other businesses selling similar products so it might take some time before you stand out from the crowd!


Starting a wax melt business is an excellent opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to make extra money without investing too much capital upfront or spending too much time on marketing efforts. However, like any new venture, there are pros and cons associated with starting this type of enterprise – from figuring out pricing structures to competing against other businesses selling similar products – so make sure you do your research before taking the plunge! With patience and hard work though, owning a successful wax melting business could become one of the best decisions you ever make! Good luck!

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I am interested in setting up my own wax melt company. I read your blog and thought I’d just send a message. my question is whether you also sell molds in which you can shape the wax.

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