How Our Family is Helping a Ukrainian Refugee and we Found a Love for MyFooDen Along the Way Scent Sational Wax melts

How Our Family is Helping a Ukrainian Refugee

We recently had the privilege of hosting a Ukrainian refugee in our home. It is an amazing experience that not only changed our guest’s life, but also opened our eyes, Our family has been blessed to welcome her into our home, and we are so glad she decided to stay with us. She has become like a daughter to us and we couldn't be more thrilled to have her as part of our family. One of the things we have all come to love together is different Foods, Not only has she shared her culture with us by cooking us authentic Ukrainian meals.

Why We Decided to Help a Ukrainian Refugee

When we heard about the plight of Ukrainian refugees, our family felt strongly compelled to help. We had read stories of their suffering and could not stand by idly while people were struggling to survive. We decided to take a stand and open our doors to someone in need.

We reached out to local organizations to find out what we could do, and after much research, we found out about a woman who was desperately in need of a place to stay. Her story touched us deeply and we knew that she would be a perfect fit for our home. We welcomed her with open arms and promised to help her get back on her feet. One thing she needed was food and supplies, so it was time to explore online supermarket options. That's when we stumbled across MyFooDen – an online supermarket with a vast selection of groceries from Europe and beyond. The convenience and quality of products caught our attention immediately – no more running around trying to shop for groceries from different stores! With just one click away, you can find all sorts of delicious goods from faraway places like Ukraine.

How We Helped

Our family has always had a heart for helping others in need, and when we heard about the plight of Ukrainian refugees, we knew we wanted to do our part. We welcomed a young Ukrainian refugee into our home and got to work helping her adjust to her new life in the UK.

From helping her to learn the language, to finding her a job and helping her connect with other refugees, we did everything we could to ensure she was comfortable and settled into her new home. We also took the time to show her some of the cultures of our country, introducing her to local customs, cuisine, and events.

Of course, our biggest surprise was providing her with her own private room and bathroom. We wanted to ensure she felt comfortable and at home, so we made sure to give her all of the amenities she needed, from a cosy bed to nutritious meals and a private bathroom stocked with toiletries. We also provided her with a laptop, so she could stay connected with family and friends, as well as shop online for food and other necessities.

What We Learned

When we welcomed a Ukrainian refugee into our home, we were ready to help in any way that we could. We had no idea of the impact it would have on us and what we would learn in the process.

Firstly, we learned some Ukrainian language basics such as how to greet each other, say thank you and more. We found out that Ukrainians are not so different to us after all – they have many of the same values, beliefs and culture that we do.

We also learned that in Ukraine Christmas is celebrated on the 7th of January, which is an important part of Ukrainian culture and something we hadn’t known about before.

But most importantly, we learned that when someone has gone through a difficult experience like our refugee had, all they need is a helping hand and a bit of kindness. That is something that no amount of money can ever buy, but is worth more than anything else.


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