Can i use leftover candles as wax melts? Scent Sational Wax melts

Can i use leftover candles as wax melts?

Re-Purposing Leftover Candles as Wax Melts – A Guide

 Have you ever burned a candle down to the nub and been left wondering what to do with it? Maybe you’ve seen wax melts in the store and thought, “can I use my leftover candles instead?” Well, wonder no more because we’re here to answer your burning questions (pun intended).
The short answer is yes! You can use leftover candles as wax melts. That said, there are a few things you should know before getting started. First, not all candles are created equal so different types of waxes may melt differently. You may need to experiment with various brands or ingredients if you have them on hand. For example, beeswax will tend to melt more slowly than soy or paraffin wax. Second, it helps if the wick has been removed from the candle before melting it down for use in a wax melter. Otherwise, all that is needed is some kind of heat source such as an oven, stovetop, slow cooker or even a double boiler. The melted wax should be poured into molds or directly into your melter and allowed to cool before using it.
Finally, keep in mind that your finished product won’t be quite the same as store-bought melts. This is because commercially made products typically contain fragrances or essential oils while leftover candles often do not unless they are scented varieties. This means that any fragrance that you get will come only from the original scent of the candle which can vary widely between brands and even batches within brands. Additionally, certain dyes used in making certain types of candles may also bleed out when melted and this could affect both scent and color of your finished wax melts so be sure to test first!
So there you have it – yes, it is possible to re-purpose leftover candles as wax melts but there are a few things to consider before doing so. With careful experimentation and creative problem solving though, you can end up with beautiful pieces of art (or at least some delicious smelling ones!) from those otherwise forgotten little nubs of wax. Happy melting!
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