10 Reasons Why You Should Use Soy Wax Melts Scent Sational Wax melts

10 Reasons Why You Should Use Soy Wax Melts

If you’ve never used soy wax melts before or just been burning candles, it’s high time you gave wax melts a try. Similar to scented candles, these too are made of wax, but they work a little differently. Creating a calming mood, spreading beautiful fragrances, and elevating the decor of your home are just one of the many benefits you can reap with wax melts. 


What essentially started as a source of light before electricity has now become essential for homes once again, even though we have ample lighting. Today, we use candles and wax melts for their powerful fragrances. But is that all there is to them?


Here’s why you should buy wax melts and use them in your home:



Wax melts can come in handy for aromatherapy, which is basically the use of essential oils made with herbs and other natural things with powerful fragrances. Since wax melts are also infused with such oils, you can melt them to produce the beautiful aromas that impact your senses. 


There are numerous benefits of aromatherapy, including alleviating anxiety, increasing productivity, or feeling contented. You can use wax melts with tea lights, especially using herbal fragrances like lavender or rosemary that are popular for aromatherapy. 


Beautiful ambience

Candles and wax melts are known for creating a cosy, warm, and calming ambience with their subtle light and sensational fragrances. Whether it’s a home, hotel room, or table at the restaurant, some small wax melts on a burner with some tea lights under it can activate the magic. 


Especially, if you dim the lighting, the ambience becomes even more beautiful. Of course, the ambience isn’t just about the vision; it’s also about the smell. Wax melts often produce a strong fragrance that impacts the senses faster. 


Clear off bad smells

One of the most common problems with almost every household is that it can start to smell weird. This is all the more common during winters when you cannot really open windows. 


It doesn’t even matter if you keep the home squeaky clean; it can still smell unpleasant sometimes. For instance, the smell from food can stay in for hours, and after some time, it gets stale and doesn’t smell very good. 


Just by melting a few wax melts, you can get rid of the smells, at least for the day. The refreshing fragrance of the wax melt will subdue the unpleasant smells around the home. Wax melts with citrusy smells are particularly great at getting rid of bad odours, and that too quickly. 


Doubles as decor

While candles are great decor pieces as well, wax melts with their wax melters are even better. There’s just so much variety these days with wax burners, and you can find them in unique designs and themes. 


When you place the wax melt on the top and light a tea light under it, the setup quickly transforms the decor. Place them on consoles, coffee tables, or in the centre of a dining table. Not only will the room smell amazing, but it will also look great. 


And even when you’re not using the wax burner with a wax melt, it still looks pretty great on a table or shelf, like a small decoration piece. 



Utilising your sense of smell is an essential part of meditation. It requires you to create a peaceful and calming atmosphere where you are meditating. You can use wax melts to create a fragrant ambience for meditation. 


You can even use these during yoga at home to really involve your sense of smell as well. 


Similarly, some prayer rituals may also require you to light some incense but if you don’t have those, you can make do with some wax melts. 


Romantic atmosphere

For date night, anniversary, or really any occasion that calls for creating a romantic atmosphere, wax melts will be your best friend. You can choose romantic fragrances like roses, lavender, and vanilla to set the mood right. 


You can really use them anywhere you want to create a romantic ambience. Whether you’re dining at home, taking a bath, or going to a picnic at night to watch the stars, as the fragrant wax melts, your feelings will intensify even further. 


Quick spreading fragrance

Another reason why many people who use wax melts don’t go back to candles is that these produce fragrance at a faster rate that also spreads around quickly. Some candles take forever to spread and change the smell of the room, but that’s not the case with wax melts. 


This is because candles burn rather slowly, and not all of the wax even melts. However, the wax in wax melts burns quicker, and as it turns to liquid, it releases most of the scent in it, which, in turn, spreads quickly. 


Great gift

If you’re ever confused about what to get someone as a gift, go with wax melts. Everyone and anyone would love them!


Who wouldn’t want their space to smell great? Plus, it’s an affordable gift, so it can also be a great work gift on Christmas where you may have price limits. 


Wax melts, especially the bundles with wax melter, can make a fabulous birthday, anniversary, and holidays gift. 


Calm your nerves

Feeling stressed or anxious? Try melting some wax to feel more calm and collected. If you’re someone who struggles with stress and anxiety and are looking for healthy ways to cope with it, smelling calming fragrances can help immensely. 


This is a scientifically proven thing that certain smells can impact the part of the brain that causes stress, allowing your nerves to calm down and for you to feel better. Combining this sensory therapy with some activity you enjoy can get you out of that downward spiral quickly. 


Less Waste

Unlike candles, you don’t have to get rid of the whole thing. You can just get rid of the wax when you clean the wax burner, and you’re all set to burn more wax. 


Wrap Up

At Scent Sational Wax Melts, we understand the many benefits that wax melts offer. That’s why we have put our heart and soul into crafting them with eco-friendly soy wax, with different fragrances that serve different purposes. 


Give wax melts a try, and you’ll know why we love them so much!







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